Export/Import Documentation & Schemes

Stay up-to-date with Export/ Import related changes. EXIM is offered as a complete end-to-end solution for managing processes, reports and documents required for Exports & Imports for all Indian Manufacturers, Traders and Service Providers. EXIM can record and manage documentation protocols for any country across the globe. The database contains provision to record maximum information which can be presented in different report/ templates as per requirement. EXIM is a robust application which is extremely easy-to-use yet considerably economical.

Export-Import Documentation

Export-Import Documentation

A solution for Manufacturers of different categories (Excise/ EOU/ SEZ/ Deemed) & Traders (with Export/ Import License). Export/ Import LC tracking and re-order level. Complete availability of Bank Documents required for Export Sales



Availing of benefit on Taxes (savings/ refund on Taxes), as per statutory notifications and guidelines.Tracking of Export obligation & compliance. Open architecture to add customer/ country specific report requirements



Multiple features such as option for Digital Signature and Auto-Alert Mechanism, are just to name a few which are necessities for any organization involved in Exporting and/or Importing of goods and services from/to India

EXIM – System Features

Secured Access

Role based security enables the users to access only functions or features mapped to them

Audit Trail

Provision to capture the actions performed/ changes made thus meeting internal/external audit needs


Scanned copies of various documents can be stored and can be further linked to the transactions or masters


Maximum flexibility to specify scopes for managing EXIM and related processes/ documents

BPM/ Workflow

Workflows can be customized to meet the requirements of the business flow or the needs of users

Intuitive Interface

Easy to navigate Interface to enhance the software users’ experience

Export/Import Documentation

A solution for Manufacturers of different categories (Excise/ EOU/ SEZ/ Deemed) & Traders (with Export/ Import License). Export/ Import Documentation, Export/ Import LC tracking, re-order level and alert mechanism. Open architecture to add customer/ country specific report requirements.

LC Process & Tracking

LC Process & Tracking
  • LC for Import Goods
  • Inland LC for local procurement
  • Export LC and Tracking
  • Bank Documents for LC Application/ Processing
  • Form A1
  • Letter of acceptance
  • Trust Receipt
  • Printing on Stamp paper

LC Process & Tracking

Pre-Shipment/ Post-Shipment Documents
  • Pre-Shipment Documents :
    • ARE-1 Certificate
    • ARE-1 Form
    • Packing-List and Many More
  • Post-Shipment Documents :
    • Export Invoice
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Country Specific Reports and Many More

LC Process & Tracking

Bank Documents for Export Sales
  • Bank Documents for Export Sales :
    • Non – negotiable-Advance payment/ Stock transfer
    • Negotiable – LC authorization/ LC authorization-Bill of exchange/ LC through/
      Bill of exchange
  • Foreign Expenses – Bill Booking :
    • Form A2 For TT (Telegraphic Transfer)
    • Form A2 for DD (Demand Draft Transfer); and Many More

New Schemes

Latest schemes introduced by the DGFT can be managed using our EXIM solution. Tracking of Export obligation & compliance.

MEIS (Merchandise Exports from India Scheme)

MEIS (Merchandise Exports from India Scheme)
  • ANF 3A – application for claiming rewards under MEIS
  • ANF 3D – applications for Export of goods through courier or foreign post offices using e-Commerce
  • EDI shipping bills and Many More

MEIS (Merchandise Exports from India Scheme)

SEIS (Services Exports from India Scheme)
  • ANF 3B application for grant of duty credit scrip for eligible services
  • Online application for recognition of status under the Policy in ANF 3C rendered
  • ANF 3C – applications for on line filing of Grant of Status Certificate and Many More

Traditional Schemes

Easy availing of benefit on Taxes (savings/ refund on Taxes), as per statutory notifications and guidelines


EPCG (Export Promotion Capital Goods) Scheme
  • ANF-5A: Application for EPCG License
  • EPCG Master – for Tracking Export Obligation
  • Import Purchase – Tracking Duty Saved and Many More


DBK (Duty Drawback) Scheme
  • Duty-Drawback Rate Master
  • Statement DBK I/ DBK II/ DBK IIA/ Statement DBK III and Certificates
  • Appendix 5.1, 5.II, 5.III, 5.IV, 5.V, 5.VI and Many More


AA (Advance Authorization) Scheme
  • ANF-4A: Application for AA License
  • AA Master – for Tracking Export Obligation
  • Value Addition / Export Obligation – Status & Summary Report and Many More


Necessities for any Indian Exporter/ Importer who wishes to take maximum benefits from the DGFT

EXIM Digital Signature

EXIM Digital Signature
  • Apply for licenses electronically with the DGFT
  • Digitally sign your online license application using our EXIM Certificate
  • Reduced Turnaround time by the DGFT for license issuance
  • Usage of EXIM solution also reduces paperwork considerably for the user, thus bringing down associated costs
  • Extremely Secure

SEIS (Services Exports from India Scheme)

SEIS (Services Exports from India Scheme)
  • Import / Export alerts as & when a document is filed on EDI
  • Reduced probability for missing deadlines related to all EXIM compliances
  • Gaining exception control and visibility of the operational process within the organization from EXIM management standpoint and Many More

Comprehensive Platform for EDI Transactions

EC/EDI council is the apex body consisting of key government departments and representatives of trade and industry, responsible for laying down the policy frame work and direction for promotion and propagation of EDI and Electronic Commerce. The end objective of is to ensure paperless and faster transactions that can be easily tracked

We, at Udyog Software understand the importance of EDI Transactions and therefore have developed our EXIM solution as a comprehensive platform for managing EDI transactions. Following are few benefits of using our EXIM solution from EDI transactions standpoint:

  • Minimized export appraisement
  • Electronic credit of drawback
  • Reduced documentation for export cargo thereby guaranteeing Higher efficiency
  • Lower inventory level
  • Reduced turn around time for responding to the needs of the trade
  • Reduce interaction of the trade with Government agencies
  • Provide retrieval of information from other custom locations to have uniformity in assessment and valuation
  • EDI submission of Annexure C information online with reference to HAWB and MAWB
  • Easy tracking of shipments on ICEGATE
  • Monthly report of Bill or entry / Shipping bill filed
  • Monthly report of licenses / bonds used with closing balance
  • Computerization of customs related functions including import/export, general manifest control, ex-bond clearance of goods, goods imported against export promotion schemes, monitoring of such schemes

Increase Efficiency, minimize manual efforts, avoid errors

EXIM is a comprehensive solution which can be integrated with ERP(SAP, QAD, Infor) and Acccounting system and with various Business Automation Systems to automate Report generation, Schemes process & EOU Compliance, Export/Import LC process & Tracking with Multi-Currency support, and many more to meet the various documentation needs of multiple countries.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Integrates with any of the business source systems like ERP, Accounting Systems, Sales Systems
for processing the required documentation while applying the applicable schemes

Seamless Integration

Complete Compliance

The Compliance engine powering the EXIM solution determines and computes for the taxes configured. Manage schemes and EDI transactions most effectively

Seamless Integration

Reports & Analytics

Delivers EXIM compliance documents and registers across Export and Import processes. Provides in-depth visibility on the EXIM process compliance, EDI transactions, etc.

Uniques Benefits of EXIM

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