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Tax Automation Advisory

Coral provides comprehensive, pre configured robust automation solutions for Indian taxes. Our solutions are a combination of functional and domain expertise and are designed for

  • Tax Automation
  • Tax Processing
  • Tax Computation

But we don’t just provide a simple solution, we provide a unified tax destination where customers can browse tax news and updates, articles and knowledge content, get analysis and interpretations as well as expert answers to taxation questions.

Tax Automation Advisory

Data Integration Services

Under Data Integration Services, you can either opt for one or a combination of the services given below

Integration Services

For those who opt for our Integration Service, we provide specific connectors which integrate with the customer’s ERP system to extract the necessary data required for filing. The customer then processes the data and gets it reviewed by the internal auditor before generating the necessary reports and filing it.

Data Processing

In the data processing package, we not only provide the necessary connectors to extract the raw source data but we also compute and process this data for you to ensure that it is correctly validated and ready to file. The customer’s appointed auditor then reviews the data before generating the requisite reports and filing them.

Full Service

In the full service package we provide you a complete suite of services whereby we not only extract the data from the customer’s ERP, we also process the data to validate it. Next, the data is reviewed and approved by our certified professionals who then generate the required reports and file the error-free, validated returns on behalf of the customer.

Tax Planning

We understand that it is important for your business to be easy to manage and to make sure that things go as planned; you can rely on Coral for effective tax planning services.
A preferred tax solution partner for various ERP vendors and implementers, over the last two decades, Coral has provided exemplary tax planning services to over 14,000+ customers.

Tax Planning